Resolve - The Resolutions Database

What is Resolve?

  • Resolve is a full-featured software package that records, tracks and reports your
                       organization's resolutions, motions and/or policies.

Who would use Resolve?

How Resolve works...

Resolve can be easily integrated into your existing resolutions process. It installs onto your office network for use by everyone. Resolutions or motions are entered once into Resolve and are immediately available to be filtered for summary updates, progress reports, members-only web viewing or for further editing.

Resolve can also be used live at your meetings or conventions. Simply bring a laptop with Resolve on it, hook into the A/V (audio/visual) system and you're ready for on-screen projection. By setting Resolve to projector view (a click of a button), attendees can then view the resolutions and see live editing of amendments as they are debated. Votes are recorded for each resolution and after your meeting or convention, Resolve is transferred back to your office network, ready to use. No more double-entry or extra typing, formatting hassles or headaches. Resolve does the work for you.

"In the past, the resolutions process had been rather cumbersome and relied on outdated technology. Resolve has made the process much easier and more importantly it is easier for our members to follow on screen, providing for a more seamless process during the convention."
      - Russ T., Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union (MGEU)