How it Works

How does Resolve work?

Quick and Easy Installation
Simple to install on a stand-alone computer, laptop or network server for multi-user access.

Easy Entry
Type your resolutions in once (or copy and paste from Word or email) and you will never have to re-type or format them for any reports or booklet again.

Quick Reports
Search, find and print or email single resolutions or detailed reports for an upcoming meeting or convention.
With one click, Resolve can print a wide variety of customizable: reports, summaries, handbooks or listings.
Once-click web publishing is also available.

Conventions and Annual General Meetings (AGMs)
Display your organization's resolutions on projector screens at your event. Alleviate confusion by entering amendments and recording voting results as it happens.

On-site at Convention
See Resolve in action at regional and national conventions!

Immediate Live Editing of Resolutions
While resolutions are being displayed on-screen for your delegates, you are able to make immediate changes to the whereas or be it resolved clauses or the priority/ordering. All of this is supported live during the debating and voting process.

Publish to the web
Easy integration of Resolve into your organization's website gives the ability to search and view current and past resolutions or motions. Great example of a searchable archive of resolutions.

"Previously we used a convoluted system of tracking issues through paper filing. This meant a great deal of time was spent locating information and trying to provide updates on what happened since the last update, making it difficult to find key issues quickly. The Resolutions Database allows us to electronically file key information, which means we are able to manipulate this information almost instantaneously. The AMM has come to rely heavily on this tool...most importantly for reporting back to our membership. This is an exceptional tool and one the AMM could now not do without. "
      - Tyler M., Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM)