How it Works

Resolve in action at Conventions and AGMs

AGM or Convention use example
From the Audio/Visual booth, Resolve can be controlled to display the current resolution as well as
the priority listing of all resolutions on different screen simultaneously.

AGM or Convention use example
A convention delegate speaking to a resolution while it is displayed on-screen behind and in front of him on the convention floor. Amendments can be made live as they are proposed and discussed making it very easy for delegates to follow along.

AGM or Convention use example
Prioritizing resolutions may be part of the resolution process at your meeting or convention. Resolve can allow for resolutions to be re-prioritized live, on-the-floor before discussion begins.

AGM or Convention use example
Resolve displaying the resolution currently being discussed.

AGM or Convention use example
When Resolve is displayed on multiple screens, resolutions can be read
by all regardless of their location in the meeting room.

Delegates voting
Voting results are recorded as they happen.

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