Who benefits from Resolve?

How can Resolve benefit my organization?

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Unions and Labour Federations

Unions and labour federations benefit from the ability of Resolve to index a large number of resolutions. These organizations are made up of a large number of members, where different locals submit resolutions to the head office. After resolutions are entered, they are printed off for convention booklets. Live viewing of amendments and voting results, by use of projector screens during convention, help members keep on track with every resolution.

Once convention is over, passed resolutions are filed to create future policy. Members can view passed resolutions on the web. Locals can then keep updated on activities relating to those resolutions.

Political Parties

Constituency and riding associations can submit resolutions online and then view resolutions submitted by others. This can reduce similar or duplicate resolutions and help the resolutions committee to combine or merge like resolutions. Once all resolutions have been entered and categorized, convention booklets are printed using a pre-formatted template.

At convention, live prioritizing of resolutions prior to debate can take place using a laptop hooked into the AV system and displayed projector screens. Live editing of amendments and vote recording can also take place live for all members to see. This reduces confusion and keeps everyone on top of what they are debating.

Post-convention, passed resolutions are filed to create future party policy.

Municipal Associations

Municipal associations represent a large number of municipalities, districts and counties usually over a diverse area. Resolutions submitted by members are also diverse. The need to categorize each resolution by what government department it may involve, or which classification it falls under and especially what region it affects is important. Resolve handles all of these requirements and more.

District meetings, board meetings and conventions are handled smoothly with Resolve. Resolutions are entered and tracked year-round. Those that are passed at the district level are then debated at convention. The passed convention resolutions from convention are then followed up by board and staff. Results and decisions regarding each resolution can be tracked in Resolve. Summary update reports can be prepared for board meetings. Members can be advised on a regular basis by email, printed report or on the web of the latest advances for each resolution that affects them.

Lobby Groups

Lobby groups may spend much of their time creating great resolutions and policies but may lack the ability to follow up with every issue efficiently. Resolve is setup to allow every issue to be recorded for future follow up. For example, if a government department responds to a letter, that letter's contents can be tracked by the database. If your group receives media coverage on a certain topic, that coverage can be entered and attached to the corresponding topic. Over time, summaries of activities and results can be compiled to show how effective your lobbying efforts have been.

Other features such as projector views for live editing of resolutions or policies during meetings can be helpful as well for attendees. Full website integration also helps to keep your members or the general public informed of your lobbying efforts.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit agencies and organizations that deal with resolutions or motions need to keep an eye on costs and spend their time wisely. Resolve helps by eliminating large amounts of time necessary to keep on top of resolutions with its database features. All resolutions are entered only once and from then on are able to search and combine to create custom reports on current issues and also track the latest developments regarding each resolution, be it press coverage or government responses.

Board members can keep current by checking the website for the latest updates or by reviewing customized updates generated from Resolve with one click.

Other Member-Based or Board of Governors-based Organizations

Organizations that are membership driven can use Resolve to stay accountable to their members. Frequently, resolutions or motions that are passed at regular meetings or annual conventions aren't able to be tracked efficiently. The major causes can be cross-referencing and filing problems as well as limited resources and staff time.

Corporations that are directed by a Board of Governors often have problems with keeping track of the long history of current and past motions or resolutions. Resolve can keep your entire archive and current resolutions in one place and offer easy-to-use search functions so that you can quickly find resolutions based on keyword or category.

Resolve helps by virtually eliminating paper filing and the database features allow for instant cross referencing and searching so your organization spends more time working with the resolutions and policies and less time searching and formatting.

The uses for Resolve are limitless.

If your resolutions process has specific needs, Resolve can be customized to suit them all.

"Our convention deals with approximately 300 resolutions each year. Before we used Resolve this involved putting the resolutions into various Word documents, formatting and then double-entering the resolutions into a Powerpoint presentation for on-screen debate. Using Resolve has been very beneficial. Resolutions are entered once, formatting is automatic, reports are easily printed and our screen presentation from the database allows delegates to easily follow resolution debate. This has resulted in a significant reduction in staff resources spent preparing resolutions. "
      - Wayne C., Manitoba New Democratic Party (Manitoba NDP)